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Bought a new property? Make sure to protect it!

/ December 11, 2019

Everyone loves these moments of a sense of fulfillment, independence and complete rightness of decisions. This is certainly the case while buying your own property – a place where you can finally relax and simply be yourself. However, when it comes to signing a contract and getting the keys to your new place, in order to feel fully comfortable you need to stop for a while and think about safety.

Is replacing the locks important?

Although it is really important to trust other people, common sense (especially in this case) should come first. When buying a property, everyone receives a set of keys from the seller, which, unfortunately, only symbolically indicates that the buyer is the only one who can enter the premises.

No one ever gets any guarantee that there are no duplicates or that a lock (mounted even on the most solid door) does the job. Possible risks for buyers who do not replace their locks involve making the property easily accessible to burglars and other criminals which, in turn, can result in a personal assault or having your movable property stolen. Also, there might appear problems with receiving a compensation from an insurance company.

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How should you start securing your new property?

After receiving the keys to the property, proceed to the exchange of locks as soon as possible.

This does not have to involve huge expenses or much hassle. However, everything depends on the mechanism itself. Therefore, at the very beginning, check whether the installed door protection works efficiently. Measure the door, check the way it opens and closes and contact the specialist in order to choose the right type of lock in order to get it fitted in a quick and mess-free way.

Naturally, not only the main door to your property can be a weak point in guarding against burglary. Remember to protect windows and balcony doors (especially when you are located on the ground floor).

Often, when you buy a flat, you also buy a basement space where you can store equally valuable things – it also needs protection (usually, however, it needs a different kind of lock).

Finally, it is worth to secure the property with an alarm. Today you can choose between many attractive options. Smart Home systems have numerous security features, such as alarms, motion sensors and cameras which will protect your home and make you feel safe.

Why is it worth to use professional services?

No description or instructional video will translate into years of experience that is required for analysing the quality of mounted locks or new installations. It is often the case that, based on the online advice, many amateurs try to ensure the safety of their home and end up with a wrong purchase, unnecessary stress, lots of wasted time or improperly secured property.

With the help of a professional craftsman, you can be sure that your lock meets standards set by British Standards Institute, such as BS3621, which is important for your insurance.

You also get your peace of mind, knowing that you, your family and your property are as safe as possible and the lock that you chose is going to last for a long time.

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