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Commercial locksmith services for businesses in Beckenham and Bromley

Posted in: / June 24, 2022

Running a business in Beckenham and Bromley? Whether it’s a store, an office or a bank, you should invest in appropriate security measures to keep your commercial premises, your customers and employees safe.

Protecting your business premises is as important as protecting your home. Luckily, today commercial locksmiths can do much more than merely fix or replace your locks. Beckenham and Bromley Locksmiths offers vast commercial locksmith services. These include access control design and implementation, door and hardware supply, hardware installation, security services that meet accessibility, emergency and fire exit requirements and many more.

Be prepared

Not everybody knows that good local commercial locksmiths offer both residential and commercial services. First, contact a local locksmith for a security assessment and a free estimate. Remember to choose a professionally trained locksmith, preferably with a Master Locksmiths Association accreditation, who will give you a warranty on services and products. Then, have your locks, deadbolts or smart security measures installed, depending on the individual needs of your workplace.

Some of the commercial locksmith services in Beckenham and Bromley work 24/7 so, whenever you have an emergency in your workplace, you can always call in and have the job done right away to run the business as usual. After all, you don’t want to end up locked out of your office on a busy day. Having a locksmith’s phone number at hand will save you and your employees a lot of time and hassle (and probably, money).

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Maintenance and upkeep

Remember to always keep in mind that your euro cylinders, rim cylinders or mortice locks should be serviced in case they get old or flimsy – it’s not always necessary to install new ones, but sometimes they need to be fixed or upgraded.

Of course for some businesses the locksmith is going to recommend high-security locks such as anti-snap and drill proof locks which provide a higher level of security to your business.

Also, remember to have your commercial property insured and to check with your insurer, as well as with a local commercial locksmith, if your locks meet the BS 3621 standard.

Remember that, if you keep any stock, cash or valuables onsite, you must keep them locked (consider heavy duty locks). It may be a good idea to ask your locksmith about a good quality safe which should be bolted to the floor. Also, if you keep stock or equipment (such as computers) overnight, they should be stored out of sight. It’s certainly worth investing not only in high security door and window locks but also in curtains, shades or blinds and smart alarms.

Consider security upgrade

If you run a busy business, such as a store or a bar, it might be a good idea to consider having CCTV cameras installed in order to have control over what’s going on inside the premises. Very often it prevents crime (working as a repellent) and even if an incident happens – it makes the police work much easier.

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Similarly, you should consider such security measures as external lighting and, of course, alarms. You may go for a smart security system which is an excellent modern security solution not only for domestic but also for commercial purposes as it may provide you with both smartphone operated surveillance system and an access control (such as keyless entry for yourself, your employees and/or delivery drivers).

Commercial locksmith services for businesses in Beckenham and Bromley:

  • Lock-Out Assistance
  • Lock Installation & Repair
  • High Security & Restricted Keys
  • Master Keying & Re-keying
  • Electronic Keyless Entry Systems
  • Upgrade to the Newest Locks
  • Keys safes
  • Business safe installation and repair
  • Keys cabinets
  • Hotel safes
  • Home safes
  • Safes supplied and fitted
  • Security upgrades
  • Commercial locksmith
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