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Home security advice - burglary into your property.

/ March 9, 2020

We would like to share some handy home security advice with our readers. Opportunistic thieves often target properties with weak or easy to force home security means. In order to avoid burglary, the Police recommends locking your doors and windows every time you leave the house, hide keys out of sight or install a smart alarm at your house.

But what to do when someone manages to break into your property?

Intruder in your property – safety first.

broken glass burglary

If you arrive home and notice a stranger inside, do not enter, and if you’re already inside – try not to panic. You need to immediately get out of the house. Find the most accessible door or window, get as far away as possible and call 999. If it's not possible, barricade yourself.

Remember that interior doors are relatively easy to break out of the hinges, so the best hiding places are those with sturdy doors that you can lock from the inside.

If you get a chance, pay attention to details about the intruder in order to provide a description to the Police.

After the burglary – home security advice.

House after burglary - home security advice

When you notice that your property has been robbed, you need to call the Police.

Having the police over can help catch the burglars as fast as possible. Also, filing a report within 24 hours is going to help process your insurance claims.

Until the Police arrives, do not touch, clean or fix anything. If you happen to see the burglars, recall important details such as gender, height, age and the plate numbers (in case you see the vehicle). Also, remember to take a note of anything you’ve lost (for the Police) and check the pawnshops in your area.

Remember that your insurance company will need the related documents before it can process your claim. Additionally, an adjuster can arrive at your property to estimate the damage.

How to avoid being robbed in the future?

home security gone too far? Family locked in house safe

It is advised by the Police to improve your house security, especially at points of entry and exit.

If your locks have been too weak, we recommend that you should upgrade your home security. The addition of deadbolt locks and deadlocks is a good option. Any broken windows, door hinges or locks should also be changed.

Finally, get in touch with your neighbours and build awareness or even set up a good Neighborhood Watch program in your community.

A good to place to start will be @bromleytown, where you can start talking and organising with your extended local community and neighbours.

For more handy home security advice please see our blog pages.

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