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The worst places to hide valuables at your property.

/ May 5, 2020

The worst places to hide valuables at your property. Although it is advised to keep your valuables and money in a bank, we often keep some goods – such as jewelry, pieces of art, documents, electronics or sentimental items – at home… and burglars are more than aware of this fact. Of course you certainly thought of some places at your property to hide valuables to outsmart the thieves. But are they really safe?

The worst places to hide valuables.

Avoid obvious places such as a jewelry box, desk drawer, underneath the table cloth, bedside the drawer or underwear the drawer, kitchen cupboard, bed linen or a cookie jar.

Also, although some hiding places, like picture frames with false interior, seem to be perfect, try to put yourself in a position of a burglar – if you saw a picture with a strangely oversized frame, would you assume it could hide valuables?

Yes. You certainly would.

Further, do not hide anything inside CD and DVD cases.  DVDs and video games can be sold at pawn shops and might get stolen by opportunity thieves.

Furthermore, do not hide anything in areas where your valuables can get in touch with water or invasive matter, such as the water tank of a toilet. 

The worst places to hide valuables.

worst places to hide valuables

Also, surprisingly, a wall safe (unless professionally installed and hi-tech) can be dislodged by cutting the drywall seam around it. Some wall safes are small and light enough to transport them off site.

How to outsmart the burglars? Where to hide your valuables then?

Hollowed-out books tend to be quite a good idea, but only providing you have a large book collection (if there is just a couple, it turns your bookshelf into an obvious hiding place).

You may also consider using false bottom for your kitchen or bathroom bin, or even put your stuff underneath the plastic liner (it’s unlikely that the thief will bother to go through your trash).

Secret Hiding Places FalseBottomDrawer The Family Handy Man

Another method to consider is wrapping valuable items in aluminum foil to store them in the back of the freezer or… inside a flowerpot, underneath an artificial plant. 

No hiding place guarantees that the burglar is not going to find your precious items.

If you want to keep valuables at your property, the only way to ensure their safety is to invest in proper security and smart alarm systems and door locks – but only fitted by a trusted local locksmith!

You can also check this article for more handy tips on best and also the worst places to hide valuables.

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