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Locksmith FAQ's

Frequently asked questions about our locksmith services

Are professional locksmith services worth the hassle?

Each lock must work without fail!

A professional locksmith, in order to reach the proper level of craftsmanship, must go through a suitable training. He gains his experience and develops skills during various types of workshops and internships.

By using the services of a trained locksmith you can be 100% sure that the task gets completed by a reliable professional.

After all, it's your safety and peace of mind that's at stake!

How much does it cost to get a lock replaced?

There are numerous types of door locks and replacing a door lock can be caused by many different reasons.

It might be due to security reasons, replacement of a damaged element or replacement of the entire door with newer or better ones.

Contact us and ask for details. We approach each order individually.

How to choose a door lock?

Door locks are products that play an extremely important role in our daily routine.

Their choice is not dictated only by aesthetic values, but also by the need to ensure security – both personal and of your belongings. Use our professional locksmith services and we will help you choose the option that is most suitable for your individual needs and wants.

How to open a broken door lock?

What to do if the front door lock fails?

This is not only a troublesome experience, but a serious threat because leaving your home or office unprotected might lead to burglary and put your physical safety in a serious risk.

Therefore, if your lock is causing problems, do not wait – call us immediately!

How to open a lock without a key?

Did you lose the keys to your apartment?

Experience shows that independent attempts usually fail, which only aggravates the stress of a person who cannot enter his own home or workplace. However, if you call experienced specialists, you can count on getting the job done quickly and properly at any time. Professional locksmiths know ways to handle a locked lock quickly and without much mess in case of emergency. Moreover, among most popular locksmith services you can find lock assembly, lock replacement or lock repair.

A good locksmith is able to provide a quick, efficient and durable solution to a lock problem, ensuring your peace of mind and safety.

Why replace the locks in your new property?

Are you moving into a property you've just bought or signed the lease for? Have you received keys from the developer, a previous owner or landlord? Congratulations!

Now it's time to furnish your new place, settle in and enjoy. During this pleasant, but also demanding, period of moving house, you can't forget about safety issues. Replacement of locks on the front door is absolutely crucial.

First of all, you can never be sure how many sets of keys there really are for your new place and who has them.

This includes landlords, previous tenants, cleaners, construction workers, estate agents, developers etc. Also, it’s worth to invest in protecting your new property with locks that meet theft resistance standards (such as BS3621) which is an important information for insurance companies. Also, you need to make sure that the lock is going to work without fail in case of emergency, such as fire in the building.

This is the first step to feel comfortable and secure.

Why is it worth investing in a home alarm system?

Today's alarm systems are not only an obstacle for burglars.

They perform many different tasks. They can notify the owner of the house that something irregular is going on in the property, triggering an alarm not only in the event of a burglary attempt, but also a fire or other reasons.

The key to the smooth operation of the Smart Home system, however, is its correct installation – specialists at Beckenham & Bromley Local Locksmiths are going to help you get it right!
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