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Electronic, digital and smart locks.

Professionally installed electronic, digital and smart locks only one call away.

Enjoy a secure door locking system that you control via a smartphone with a no-nonsense guarantee.

We at Beckencham & Bromley Locksmiths supply, repair and install only the best smart locks, electronic locks and digital locks of renowned, respectable and market leading manufacturers like Yale, Union, Codelocks and Era.

Digital Smart Locks enable you to lock your doors with the tap of a button. You can lock and unlock your door by using the dedicated security app, dedicated key fob or by typing in a unique code.

You can even give a temporary code to allow friends, relatives or cleaners in while you're away.
What are the benefits?

Smart Locks

The range of Smart locks devices gives you the ability to monitor and control your home security remotely.

The smart security range allows you to lock your doors, check your live CCTV footage and control your alarm system, all from an app on your smartphone.

Electronic Locks

An electronic door lock can be the first step toward a fully automated smart home. People who are skeptical or intimidated by home automation often find a smart lock easier to understand, which makes them more likely to give it a try.

The functionality of Electronic locks provides major benefits over mechanical ones, and unlike other access control solutions, the digital locks do not require complex wiring, ID cards or external power, making them cost effective for many applications.

Digital Locks

Unlock your life with the latest Digital Locking technology.

With Electronic Digital Locking you are no longer constrained to using a mechanical key to unlock your front door. Instead, you can choose if you want to use the quick and secure electronic key, a remote controller, or a PIN keypad for a completely keyless solution.
Examples of our work

ULTION SMART - A secure door locking system that you control via a smartphone with a no-nonsense guarantee.

Controlling your door locks from your smartphone, watch or by voice command is clever. Combining this with Police approved security and a £1000 security guarantee is smart. Ultion SMART.

Unlock on approach

You can set Ultion SMART to unlock as soon as you approach the door without even touching your phone.

Lock behind you

Never wonder if you locked the door again. You can set how long Ultion Smart stays unlocked for before securing the door again.

Send guest keys by phone

Not at home and need to let someone in. No problem, you can send a digital key for timed or permanent access straight to a guest's phone by text or email.

Codelocks Smart Locks

The standalone smart lock innovatively designed by Codelocks to combine smart technology with traditional access control features. Codelocks Smart Locks provide flexibility and convenience by offering a range of access methods, allowing you to choose the most suitable for your application.

Allow clients access via a simple code input, allocate and register a MIFARE compatible card or send an invitation to their phone.

Generate and send time-sensitive codes to end users using the K3 Connect App* or NetCode portal. Set codes for a specific start date and time, that will automatically expire after your set duration. Additional features include blocking NetCodes to control and restrict access.

The smarter way to protect your home.

Smart, connected security for real life so you can protect the people and things that matter most, wherever you are, whenever you want. Trust, convenience and connectivity through a touch of a button.

In control, from anywhere

Check in from anywhere and receive event alerts and real-time notifications.

Total peace of mind

Security that let’s you get on with your life controlling your home from anywhere.

Smart Together

Ability to integrate with lights and voice assistant to enhance your Smart security system.

ERA HomeGuard Smart Alarm SYSTEMS

The ERA HomeGuard Pro is a fully integrated Smart Home Security System that allows you to monitor multiple locations for example your home, your business and your garage from one account. You can choose who gets access to your home with timed or anytime access and revoke when needed.


Monitor your home, your business and your garage from one account.


Simultaneous alerts to as many people as you choose if there is an intrusion.


Choose who gets access to your home and revoke access if needed by the sharing access option via the APP.
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